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I Could Never Make that Music Again
Jean-Philippe Renoult
Recording date
Jan. 1, 2005 - Jan. 1, 2005
Last modification
June 4, 2012, 11:07 a.m.

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Paris - Amsterdam
Cultural area
monde - musiciens et inventeurs électroniques
Anglais - Français
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Ethnographic context
Created for Radiodays at De Appel Gallery in Amsterdam, April 2005, I Could Never Make That Music Again is a radio collage which organises and disorganises quotes from various electronic music artists interviewed and recorded by Jean-Philippe Renoult & Jean-Yves Leloup over the past fifteen years.

The piece begins with an audio letter from Fred Judd, a sound engineer for the BBC radiophonic workshop, sent to the Dutch composer Tom Dissevelt in 1966. Judd talks rather pessimistically about the commercial future of electronic music.

I Could Never Make That Music Again offers possible anwers to the questions voiced aloud by Judd, and features in order of appearence : Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, Autechre, Matmos, Alec Empire, A Guy Called Gerald, Mad Mike, Coldcut, Mixmaster Morris, DJ Shadow, Kid Koala, Steve Reich, Claude Lévèque, Rioji Ikeda, Richie Hawtin, Richard James, Thomas Brinkmann, Mantronix, Christian Fennesz, Squarepusher, The Residents, and Tony Morley.The music here —apart from two famous quotations— is created from minute samples from the late 50s and 60s electronic era — including the Dutch Philips Research Labotories, the Groupe de Recherche Musicales (GRM) in Paris , Joe Meek material, and other innovators from that time.

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Reference : Sub Rosa SR 249
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Mastering : Parisson
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Jean-Philippe Renoult
Jean-Yves Leloup
Eric Pajot

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